Wisdom of the Week - 03-27-16 - Quotes of the week!

Hello all,

This weekend I found out that the Cincinnati Art Museum had an "After Dark" event. Young artist performed songs, spoken word, and dances to show off their craft. Further, employees gave free tours of all the exhibits. It is always inspiring to see others doing what they love, because we each have passions in different areas of life.

It was also a weekend of a birthday celebration. I met a few new people, caught up with some I hadn't seen in a little bit, and even played Uno! Check our my reflection that I call Wisdom of the Week! Here are two quotes that help reflect the experiences from the weekend:

"The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become."

  • As I grow into being a real adult (and uncle) and GE being a top leadership company, I believe encouraging and inspiring the next generation of adults is so important. My quick advice would be to always strive to be better, never let go of your integrity, ask for help, and the decisions you make now effect decisions you have to make later. By mentoring them, we can help their decisions follow the path to be anything they want to!!

"The only way to have a friend is to be one."

  • At the birthday party I went to on Friday, a friend of the birthday girls' (twin bday!!) had traveled all the way from across the pond (Atlantic Ocean) from London to spend time and celebrate. If you want to have great friends in your life, then be the person who will fly 10+ hours for them! I feel that those who truly care, show they do, and when people show they do, let them know how much you truly appreciate it.

Have an wonderful week filled with wisdom everyone!!

Kaleb McKelvey