Version 1.0 of the Site Officially Completed!

Hello all!

Today I officially release the completed version 1 of my Gatsby site. In June I talked about the reasons behind updating, and what the updates included for changing sites - today I'll just quickly highlight a few changes from this weekend.

  • Updated copy and skills on AboutMe page
  • Updated a few resources for development
  • Updated Sass to remove duplicate classes and files that were not needed
  • Removed user links from footer and it now behaves as a footer on all pages
  • Added color to toolbar actions (orange)
  • Added color to Kaleb McKelvey drawer title
  • Updated scholarship page and link

    • Hopefully I'll be adding a PayPal button directly on the page for easier donations
  • Added new archives page to see all articles

    • search is in the pipeline!
  • Added a few new resources and observations

At this point, I consider the site in a good state for release #1. Design wise it's clean and modern, performance wise it's blazing fast. I'll be consistently updating it, adding some Kaleb style flare, and releasing articles as inspiration to write comes to me.

Let me know if you have any topics you'd be interested in, any suggestions on design, or find any links that don't work!

Have a great week!!