Kaleb's Thanksgiving Hackathon Part 2

Hard to believe it is already Sunday. I'm pretty excited to get back to Predix and Historian tomorrow, although it has been a great few days of Thanksgiving break. Two days ago, I began my own Thanksgiving Hackathon to progress on my InspireMe app. Today I want to show it went! First and foremost, please understand that I will be working to make the theming of the app better in the upcoming weeks. I focused on functionality for this weekend.

Accomplishments of my Thanksgiving Hackathon:

  • Quotes page - discover segment loads list of random quotes FROM SQLite (not stubbed!!!) that can be favorited

    • favorite => add to favorite
    • dismiss => remove from the list, when list reaches 0, load more to Discover
  • Quotes page - favorite segment loads favorited quotes from the user
  • Quotes page - submit segment lets you submit a favorite quote via email
  • Schedule page - Quote can be scheduled

    • disclaimer - default configuration is used, not from the form in the screenshots (next step for sure)
  • Schedule page - notifications -> Local notifications are working and are using a quote from the database
  • Schedule page - scheduled notifications show as a list of cards, even if the formatting/user experience is terrible at the moment

Next steps:

  • Finish up functionality
  • Clean up code
  • Theme the app and get logos/icons made
  • Write Test code

Screenshots from my Thanksgiving Hackathon:

I uploaded the screenshots into my portfolio, check out Inspir3Me here:

Kaleb's Portfolio Page


  1. Have your development environment updated and set up before starting
  2. Buy more snacks!!
  3. Enjoy the process
  4. Drink lots of coffee
  5. Put your head under a cold shower when you start getting tired in the late night
  6. Take breaks (and read the Ranger's apprentice series if you haven't)

Final thoughts:

My Thanksgiving Hackathon was a blast and for me considered a success!! 

I will be looking to optimize the code a bit as the language becomes more familiar. Snacks, totally gone. I will never forget bagel bites again.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who gave me some quotes to use on Facebook, all of them were included in the prototype.

Have a great Sunday!!