Angular Learning Journey P2: Project Set Up - Your Very Own Stock Analyzer

Since mostly being focused on React in the last two years of my career, setting up for an Angular app included a few big steps to get ready for development.


Being able to utilize the Angular CLI (which definitely want to do) requires the latest stable version of node. I use the Node Version Manager to handle node versions and recommend that you do the same.

Check out their Github Repo to see installation instructions.

For Mac users who use Homebrew - a simple brew install nvm should do.

At the time of writing this, I'm use Angular 9.1 and Node 12.13.0.

You can verify this is working by typing nvm version in your terminal and seeing the version of node you're currently using as a response.


The Angular CLI increases developer productivity by handling common tasks with a small stroke of the command line, such as creating a new project or new components within, building for production, or serving up local dev environments. It's pretty much required for angular dev in my humble opinion.

Let's install that now with: npm install -g @angular/cli

Once that finishes, you can double check it's working with ng help in the terminal. This should give you a list of commands we can use later.

Project Intro: Your Very Own Stock Analyzer

Project Initialization