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Hola. I'm Kaleb - a coffee connoisseur, frequent traveler, health enthusiast, and nature walker!

Thanks for stopping by!

What I Do:

I help solve business problems through modern custom web applications.

Combining leadership and technical skills, I collaborate with our team to design and develop solutions on tough requirements.

In the past, my focus was on increasing productivity in GE Healthcare manufacturing shops, and helping financial planners deliver financial plans to achieve their dreams. From there, I helped bring the magic to the world as a Software Engineer at Disney working on Disney+ and Star+! Today, I work at Netflix on the Growth Engineer team - helping people subscribe as we bring joy to the world!

In addition to solving business problems, I continuously explore new technologies and focus on improving code bases as I learn from mistakes, grow through experience, and heed the advice from top developers on the web!

My Skills:

In the last few years I've been offered the opportunities to learn and grow through various experiences.

Modern Web Development:

I've worked on multiple projects utilizing various technologies, check out the table for details!

Javascript - ES5/ES6+React/ReduxPredix Platform
CSS3AngularUser Experience
HTML5PolymerProgressive Web Apps
Responsive DesignSassMaterial Design
Node.jsExpressVS Code
PostgresGatsbyUnit/E2E Testing


I graduated from GE's Digital Technology Leadership Program in February 2017. From this, I led through experience and learned from many top IT professionals in GE. Becoming a tech lead on our Milwaukee Software team, I mentored junior team members, led initiatives, improved our code base with every new feature, and helped architect designs to meet requirements from our Product Owners.

I look forward to continuing using this experience in my new role!

Public SpeakingCollaboration & Peer ProgrammingRational Thinker
Business Story TellingRespectful and EncouragingAcknowledging Mistakes
Active ListeningMentorship and GuidanceTransparency & Openness
Written CommunicationTeachingTime Management

AX Dynamics:

4+ years of development experience designing custom solutions to meet user needs, providing business value.

.NET and X++
Data Migration

My Story

I believe everyone has a wonderful story to explain how in the world they got to the current moment we call now. Here's a bit of mine!


I'm Kaleb McKelvey, a small town raised young professional, who focuses on exhibiting high character combined with strong ambition to continously grow a little bit each day.

I began my career working as a Jr AX Dynamics developer at Shentel, transitioned to a leadership program at GE Healthcare which led to becoming a Staff Software Engineer; since then, I made the move to a new industry and city - New York - to close the distance with my girlfriend and take on a new role!

My experiences in leadership and technical depth, has molded me into a well rounded Software Engineer who has a true passion for technology!

Long Version

I'm a young professional with aspirations to inspire, grow, and achieve in various areas of my life.

Small town life

Growing up in a small town built the foundation of who I am today in a few ways.

First, and most important, my family instilled in me the values of responsibility, character, and integrity.  Second, my coaches and teachers taught me the values of work ethic and accountability. Lastly, it gave me the opportunity to understand that boredom can be replaced with canoe trips down the river, swimming in the quarry, and learning new technologies!

College Years

Technology for me began with video games, leading to a desire for becoming a developer.

It was this desire that my college journey began, a journey that changed my perspective by opening my mind and meeting great people with unique stories. A place to learn how to develop software from experts and the skill of time management through balance.

By graduation, I completed my dream of learning to develop and became a member of the greatest fraternity in the world, Kappa Alpha Psi.

My family, fraternity brothers, and colleagues guided me to a new vision on life, one that looks at the future as much as the present.

Becoming a Software Engineer!

After college, I began working at GE in their Digital Technology Leadership Program that led to achieving my dream of becoming a Software Engineer in my first role after graduating! GE is a company that focuses on the development of both technical and leadership skill-sets. Because of this, I have grown in both my professional and personal worlds thanks to the fabulous people I've met on the way.

A few years later, I decided to change cities and change industries. I joined Northwestern Mutual - a company that has more than a century under its belt -  adventuring through a digital transformation. Personal finance has long been a passion of mine, so getting an opportunity to spend 40+ hours a week developing software to help people with that area of their life was a great experience!

An amazing opportunity came up while working at NM - joining Disney to work on Disney+ right after their launch in 2019. I decided to take the new role and have baby yoda as my new teammate!

After 2 years, I took on a new role at Netflix on the acqusition UI team. It's a new opportunity to work on external facing features and TVUI. I'm learning and growing every single day!

Concluding Thoughts

Overall I am excited to grow through new experiences! My passion for technology and desire to make the world a better place drives me to continue learning. Life is a feeling process and a journey to achieve all that you want on the way!

I hope to influence your journey towards achieving anything you want. I truly believe you are the executive of your life.

With all that being said, I look forward to hearing from you - comment, subscribe, and enjoy!

Best wishes,

Kaleb McKelvey